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In 2008 when the world was crashing, projects were dying, and budgets were drying up I started a WordPress blog under my own name.  The original intent was to connect and share observations and insights on project related work in the tech space and how readers could remain successful in such challenging times.  Since then, a lot has changed including my focus and it’s been obvious for some time that I needed to embrace Read more

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  Crowe Mead is a Seattle area business leader who is driven by a curiosity to discover new ways to improve operations, increase sales and deliver deep customer focused value. Driven by a relentless passion to help businesses define and achieve their goals, he has advised clients across a wide range of industries including Technology, Finance, Telecommunications, Training and Development, Retail, Non-Profits, and Professional Services. He deeply believes that organizations can experience tremendous success Read more

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"Character is your biggest competitive advantage”   Leaders craft the culture, performance and results of their organization every day. They have the ability to increase performance, product quality, employee satisfaction, and customer loyalty. All of this affects revenue. Unfortunately when we think of leadership we often think of leadership failures. i.e. What has taken place recently on Wall Street or in Washington, news of a company closing its doors or some latest scandal. In truth, leaders Read more

Sales – Making the Holidays Pay Big!

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holidayrushThis week marks the start of the holiday season and Sales Professionals (like you) face added challenges for maintaining focus and sales productivity. Top sales performers will use this time wisely for new business, relationship building, and for filling your 2016 funnel.

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Being Unstoppable

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Being Unstoppable in business is a powerful concept. It requires intrinsic knowledge, vision, a talented team and a healthy dose of “fire in the belly.”  And the potential it creates is unlimited.

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The Most Important Business Lessons School Wont Teach You

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Leadership Books- Better Leadership Blog

Some of the most important business lessons were never taught in school. And they might alter your career. Will you suffer failure before you learn them?

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A Manager’s Dream List: The Qualities To Search For When Hiring

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Better Leadership Blog Interviews   What are REALLY the best qualities a manager can search for when hiring?  What makes the best employee?  Go beyond technical skills and education to get to the heart of what matters.  Here are the traits that really predict fit and success:







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Employee Coaching and Mentoring- Be A Better Boss

Posted on by Crowe Mead in Leadership, Management, Productivity, Project Management, Strategy | 5 Comments Every sports player recognizes a great coach.  They bring vision, articulation, goals, performance improvement ideals, and most importantly, are truly invested in the success of their team.  Great coaches and mentors motivate, encourage improvement and challenge weakness. They give feedback, set goals and deliver training that inspires their team and the larger organization.  So why is the volunteer who coaches Little League in your local park a better boss than you?

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Sales Strategies- Pump Up Your Pipeline

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The Ideal Pipeline

The Ideal Pipeline

Startups and big companies can both learn a great deal from one another about how to improve their sales cycles and pump up their pipeline.  Learning how to both assess deals and focus your time on the highest returns in your pipeline should be a primary concern for all sales leaders.  Can you drive more deals through your pipeline?  Yes, you can….

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Bigger Sales: It’s The Story That Matters!

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It's the story that matters  Bigger sales come from crafting a story that tells why your solution is different, better, and worth more to your customer.  But that’s just part of the equation.

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Lesson #3 For Sales Teams: The Danger of RFPs

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RFP   Lesson # 3 for Sales Teams:  The Danger of RFPs:  Why write long RFPs when there’s a better way?

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Lesson #2 For Growing A Sales Team: SLAs

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Terms and Conditions Lesson # 2 for growing a sales team:  Never negotiate service-level agreements (SLAs) and terms and conditions (T&Cs)

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Lesson#1 For Growing A Sales Team: Pricing

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PricingGrowing a sales team: Moving from a concept-driven entrepreneurial company to a mature process-centric organization requires many changes.  Along the way the sales team has to change too.  Teaching process to your sales team is one of the most important things you can do.

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The Principled Client Experience Model

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Service corporations rise and fall, not through poor delivery or for lack of talent but most often because of a poor client experience.  Any product or service engagement should have a plan that assures continued client satisfaction and addresses how the client will perceive the services offered.  Following is my model for a repeatable process that promises both happy clients and long term advocates.

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The Ten Leadership Rules I Live By

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The Ten Leadership Rules I Live By

True leaders encompass the aspects of leadership into every part of their life.  Leadership isn’t a mask they wear, but is engrained into their very DNA.  Following are my personal rules for everyday living.

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Can You Sell Like John Cleese?

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John CleeseCan you sell like John Cleese?  Creating contrast between what you offer and what your customer has or is considering is crucial to the sale.  Show your customer where the real value lies, just like John.

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Kanban For the Trifecta!

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When I first learned of the principles of Agile software development I thought the entire globe had turned upside down… and I loved it. Little did I know there was a better way.

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Top Ten Big Changes Coming To Your Smartphone

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The next big changes include not just what your device looks like but what it can interact with

Your digital life is about to change in ways you haven’t yet dreamed of. The next few years will bring about unprecedented and fundamental shifts to nearly everything we do online.   We’re entering a period of unheard of technological growth and it all centers around your smartphone. Read more

RIM Shot: The End of Innovation

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The arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday will be sufficient for tomorrow.” William Pollard   


RIM Shot: The End of Innovation

What happens when a company fails to innovate?

RIM, the maker of BlackBerry, is in big trouble.  Sales of its handsets are down 30% over the last year and recently released earnings show them missing their projections by $1 billion (that’s with a “B.”) The media and investors have been merciless in their criticism of the company’s operations and it’s not without merit.

Why has a phone synonymous with business failed to remain competitive in what was previously thought of as a one market space?


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Vendor Selection Best Practices – A Practitioner’s Guide

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Vendor Selection Best Practices – Key Considerations, Sourcing Strategy and Evaluation Process. These are “Must Have” tips when selecting third-party providers.


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Keeping Top Talent: Employee Retention Strategies

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What can managers do to minimize the chances of losing  valued employees and reduce employee attrition levels? Should any action be taken or is attrition just part of the environment? Here’s nine ways strong leaders work to include employee retention strategies as a part of their operations plans.
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Smart Leadership In The new Economy

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  • The rules for effective leadership have changed and strong leaders need to be able to adapt
  • Both companies and employees are facing new challenges that will make or break many organizations
  • The leaders of tomorrow will be the people who helped usher organizations through the turbulence of today
  • By embracing some new ideas, the recession can be turned to your advantage and you can prepare yourself, your company and your people for greater success

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Leading Virtual Teams

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This presentation is an excerpt from a speech delivered in September 2011. The topic was on shaping leaders to manage globally.

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